The Teaching Knowledge Test

Planning to increase your qualifications?  Improve your methodology for English language teaching?  Confirm your level or get a higher one?  Use your skills in any country in the world?  Then the ТКТ tests from Cambridge University are just what you need. These tests are an indicator of knowledge of the methodology and theory of the English language.  They don’t require specialized knowledge, for example, teaching experience.  The required language level is B1 according to the CEFR (The Council of Europe’s language level scale).

The one exception is ТКТ KAL – level В2.
These tests suit schoolteachers and instructors from colleges, universities or language schools.  There are five modules in total, any number of which can be taken in any combination.

Confirm the dates of the test in Language Link centres. 
The exam may take place at any time.


3,800 rules per module

To improve results, we provide a preparatory course for the TKT exam, 72 hours long.  This allows students to, first, go through their own exam preparation process, and second, obtain a certificate proving that they completed a 72-hour program to raise their qualifications as a teacher of the English language.  To register for the course, call +7(863)200-14-44 or write to celtadelta@mail.ru.

The price of the exams from September 2016 to August 2017 was 3,200 rubles per module.  Included ТКТ Modules: module 1, module 2, module 3, YL, CLIL, KAL.

For more information on ТКТ modules and an up-to-date exam schedule, call +7(863)200-14-44 or write to celtadelta@mail.ru . For ТКТ exams, dates can be individually scheduled. In any case, registration must take place no later than eight weeks before the exam.